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Activity at Geodesy

BRT Globe Viewer Gateway Under Development for the US Air Force

Geodesy is working with AECOM to thematically render US Air Force base facility survey and planning results in ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer globe-viewer. This application, code named BRT, is intended to act as an existing conditions and planning overview tool for Air Force management as well as a gateway to current and future facilities data.

CadStat now Maps Emergency Vehicle Locations

Geodesy is helping the City of Palo Alto (CA) to track incoming 9-1-1 calls at their Emergency Operations Center using an application called CadStat that is tailored to the city's SQL Server-based Encompass GIS. The calls appear on a big screen and on individual dispatcher workstations as they come in and their depiction is updated on the maps as the call is answered and dispatched.

CadStat now Maps Emergency Vehicle Locations

CadStat now Maps Emergency Vehicle Locations
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